Date: 29th August 2012 at 10:28am
Written by:

Beesotted’s unpopular columnist ‘The Man in the Pub’ has been on twitter spreading factually incorrect bitesize rumours for the last week or so. Lowlights include :

Nathan Byrne used to sit on a cushion on the substitutes bench. It helped him see the game better and prevented his piles from coming back

Kevin O’Connor takes his labrador ‘Zico’ to every home game. During games he is looked after by Buzz Bee who gives him a treat if we score.

When Uwe first discussed squad rotation Douglas shouted ‘faynights’. ‘I’d love to drop him but you know the rules’ said Rosler

The scoreboard at Brook Road end was not working on Saturday because Uwe unplugged it accidentally in order to charge his iPhone

Stuart Dallas’ mother’s maiden name was Beverley Hills90210

New Brentford signing Paul Hayes is the brother of ‘It aint alf hot mum’ star Melvyn Hayes

Shaleum Logan is a Lego fanatic. In his loft he has built models of the Moulin Rouge, Godzilla. Pele and Carol Vordeman

In the Hispanic bible, Judas is translated as ‘Alexander’

Saturday’s rainwater from the Griffin Park pitch has been collected and will be recycled as lager at the next home match


We’ll probably bring you more updates here soon during a slow news week but if you are on twitter why not follow @Themaninthe_pub yourself