Date: 16th September 2012 at 6:03pm
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Well, I`ve just listened to the League One results on the Beeb – so what? It`s been a nothing Saturday, and they just didn`t seem to mean a thing.

I`ve still not yet managed to work up any real enthusiasm for football this season, but having a blank Saturday like today has still seemed all wrong. It`s hard to describe, but although I`m not bothered I still feel there is something missing with the day.

And that`s because Brentford played – on Thursday. Not today when they should have – two days ago. Not an extra mid-week game – their main fixture of the week. The one that most fans wait for throughout a whole week.

But today – zilch.

Yep, I know the club earned some money for being on TV – for some reason I have £60,000 in my mind, but I don`t really know how much it was – and I don`t know, either how much dosh we get in from a normal Saturday game. But is the TV fee really worth it to upset regular fans?

I mean, after being rejected for a week, how many will bother to go to our next Saturday game? Will they realise there are other things to do – cheaper things in times of austerity. Will today`s blank Saturday have a knock-on effect and cut our gates for future matches? Will it all add up to more or less than the money we got from being on TV?

Football has sold its soul to the God of Telly, and it strikes me that live matches do not interest the guys at the top of the tree. The small box has a big power over everything to do with the game – but what will happen when the telly bosses get bored with it?

Today has been a blank day for me – and in my current couldn`t-really-give-a-t*ss way of feeling, I can`t help wondering how those whose lives are bound up with it all are feeling.

So you in charge – please remember that games belong on a Saturday afternoon. Give us back our ‘normal` days of football.