Date: 14th September 2016 at 9:11am
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Ahead of the Brentford match at Villa Park against Aston Villa tonight Vital Bees’ Thomas Brannelly has put a few questions to Vital Villa editor JP Fear.

1) You find yourselves in 17th, what do you make of your start to the season?
From stinking out the premiership last year, it’s taken a while to get the right players in and even more importantly the ‘wronguns’ out. In every game we’ve had our chances and in many just simply not taken them. We battered Forest, 26 shots, they had two meaningful shots and we drew 2-2. That’s football. I can see improvements and if it takes two seasons to gain promotion, it will be the old regime not the new lot to blame. Few wins and we’d shoot up the league though and hopefully that starts v you guys.

2) What do you make of the new owner and manager? How have things changed from last season
I wanted Roberto Di Matteo, out of those on offer, so more than happy at the moment. It’s a results game though. For me he has time, the owner has no track record as yet though so be interesting to see how he views things if we don’t start winning soon. Changes? We’ve got rid of a lot of the players who didn’t give a damn last season and we are actually getting forward and shooting now. Last season (and a few before it) were embarrassingly poor. I went out of habit not joy, now I’m totally up for it and buzzing again. I can’t say I miss the land of milk and honey (the Premiership) and the bloated wages etc at the moment. I know we’ve got to get back up but I’m finding the football league far more ‘real’.

3) Who has performed well so far this season?
Too early to fully assess but Elphick is playing well and seems solid and Ross McCormack has started scoring already which is a great sign as we often buy prolific strikers only for them to stop scoring!

4) Are there any of our players that you think will cause you problems?
The ones you told me would cause problems in your interview with us: An Interview With A Brentford FC Fan

5) Where do you expect Villa to finish this season?
If we got a wriggle on now, we could still win the league, we’d need to beat Newcastle home and away. That’s doable. We have the goals in us now (if they start taking the chances) but we don’t have much strength in depth if we are unlucky with injuries and suspensions. Already last weekend v Forest the 3 first choice (I would imagine at least) midfielders weren’t available. They might be tonight though. I’d see not making the play offs as a failure.

6) Who is the best player you have seen in a Villa shirt?
Far too many to name really. I’ve been lucky enough to get to know some of the team of 82 and still have chats with Sir Dennis Mortimer. He was brilliant. But as said, so many. Loved the days of Dwight Yorke, he always played with a smile on his face. The boy wonder Gary Shaw. Peter Withe and his shin. Brian Little walked on water. Oh I could go on and on, I’ll stop there I think because this answer would take all day.

7) Finally, score prediction?
3-0 to the mighty Aston Villa!

Thanks for JP Fear for his time, lets hope the scoreline prediction proves wrong and that ‘wriggle on’ towards the title begins AFTER the Bees visit….

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