Date: 14th May 2012 at 4:32pm
Written by:

To ‘celebrate’ QPR staying in the Premiership, here’s a RaRas themed piece of Beerotic fiction from Beesotted in 2006…

I recently went to Kos with a couple of my female mates in search of sun, sand and?.. anything else that came our way. On the first night we went out for a few cocktails and ended up back at our hotel bar, where I suddenly noticed Andres, the young waiter, eyeing me up from the other side of the bar.

After about an hour my friends decided they would go to bed, while I stayed in the bar to share a nightcap with Andres. As soon as he had closed the bar door after them I decided to take control of the sitution, opening my top to give him full view of my pert Clark Carlisles.

Within seconds I was on my knees, teasing his Cochrane with my tongue – I was amazed at the size of his rapidly growing Pacquette which Rose towards me as I licked his Nikki Bulls.

Slowly he turned me around over the bar, entering my Chris Warren with his Hamid Barr. We started to gently Koejoe, his Plummers slapping against my M`bombo as I gasped with pleasure. “Dodou me” I cried “Dodou me Wardley and Langley” as he reached in front of me and started to Palmer my moistening Alexandre Bonnot.

As he deftly played one twos inside my penalty area, I sent glasses crashing off the bar while he relentlessly Walshed my Holloway with his throbbing Leroy Griffiths. I had never been tackled by such a Bignot in my life, and it was no surprise when the match reached a climax, as he spilt Terrell Forbes all over his Kenny Jackett.