Date: 28th February 2011 at 2:06pm
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Beesotted’s edit of Nicky’s post Bristol Rovers thoughts…..

Nicky on a tough match at GP

We soaked up a bit of pressure and it was wave after wave of attack. We know we could have done better on the ball in the second half and the lads know that.

Having said that, I`ve praised the lads and I`ll continue to praise them as we have four wins and a draw in five games and that is some turnaround. I can`t praise them enough really.

Nicky on debutant Byrne

Nathan has been fantastic in training. I thought when he got into the game he got involved. He has played with a smile on his face in training and has scored goals and plays with an intensity which we`re trying to do.

Nicky on the penalty

When I first saw it at match pace I thought it was a penalty. I thought Myles poked the ball and Logan’s momentum carried forward and he clipped Myles and brought him down. But having seen it again and I can understand where they are coming from and why they think it is a soft penalty. But it is a difficult split-second call for the referee sometimes but my interpretation at the time was it was a penalty so if I was in the referee`s position I honestly would have given it. But I do think in hindsight it was soft.

Nick on the board making him permanent manager

I think they are waiting for me to lose! There is a process going on at the moment, but I don`t know what stage it is at. The most up to date I`m being kept is with you guys. They say there will be a short-list of six and some say I might be on that, some say I won`t. So I really don`t know. They have not come to me at any stage so I just continue to do it to the best of my capability for the time I am here, however long that is.

I think I`d like to be in management at some stage. Whether it is now or down the line I`m not sure. I have said the longer it goes on the harder it will be for me to go back in the dressing room, especially here but anywhere. It`s a totally different job and the longer you are inactive the harder it will be to get yourself going again, not motivational, but actually to get yourself going again.

Nicky on the team’s training sessions

I`m certainly not being critical of the regime before, but we have made training at a much higher intensity now. At times the duration is quite short, but the intensity mirrors match day. Very often the duration of our sessions will be 90 minutes. The warm up will be 15 mins then they will do something else for 15 mins and then they will do the functional stuff for an hour, so it mirrors an actual game.

The one thing Warbs is very good at is communication. He speaks to people and gets his points across to the players so they know exactly what is asked for them. And he has very good ideas for putting a variety of sessions on. One thing players don`t like is doing the same thing day after day.

Nicky on crocked loanee Adam Reed

He broke down again yesterday so has returned to Sunderland to be assessed. He might be out for ten days, which is disappointing.