Date: 15th March 2010 at 1:39pm
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Beesotted’s Dave Lane gives us a sneak preview of Cult Bees and Legends – Volume Three – planned for release this year.

Dave caught up with legendary Bees striker George Francis earlier this year and has kindly shared a few snippets from the interview :

How would you describe yourself as a player?

In terms of working and grafting, I like to think that I played like Wayne Rooney. If Rooney isn`t scoring, he is working for the team – never hiding. He`s not afraid to roll his sleeves up and drop back and forage for the ball if it`s not coming his way, well, I was the same no matter how important the game was. I remember playing in a charity match, an ex-Brentford XI versus Queens Park Rangers XI, and Keith Rutter, a centre-half for Rangers, came over to me and said, “For ****`s sake George, do you ever keep still?” I was all over the place even in a friendly match.

Apart from Jim Towers and yourself, who do you think was the best player while you were at the club?

Without any hesitation, Ken Coote and John Rainford, they were both fantastic ball players. It was our teammates that helped Jim and I score so many goals. Ken was outstanding at wing-half. We always needed somebody hard at the back too, when the team sheet went up and you had the likes of Frank Latimer to back you up it gave you a lot of confidence. Bill Goundrey was another hard player, Bill Dodgin signed him from the Army and within about six months he`d broken into the first team; a good, hard player.

So tell us about the day that you missed a match when you didn`t wake up from an afternoon nap?

[Laughs] Well that was my mother-in-law`s fault! We were living at Joan`s parents` and she forgot to wake me up in time and I had to make a mad-dash to the ground. By the time I turned up it was too late to be included in the side and I couldn`t apologise enough.

The full interview will be available in Cult Bees & Legends Volume 3, which is planned for release at Christmas. Volume One & Two are available here at a special discount price for the pair.