Date: 14th July 2017 at 9:18pm
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Brentford goalkeeper Daniel Bentley has been speaking about the growing spirit and togetherness in the camp so far this pre season.

With pre season well under way for Dean Smith’s charges, speaking to the Official Site as we continue on our training camp in Divonne-Les-Bains, Bentley explained that the sessions had been tough but enjoyable.

‘It`s been really enjoyable so far. The team spirit is just getting better and better. Every time that anyone mentions it you can just see the way that the players integrate with each other. You can see the banter that goes on but we also all push each other. Today was a great example, doing the running and finishing. We had boys around the pitch who weren`t working but they were making sure that the boys were getting their work in and encouraging them. Camaraderie is going to be so important if we want to achieve the things that we want to achieve this year. It is a great thing to have and we have it in abundance.’

Bentley also said that key to our success this season would be the players’ own self management of themselves, and that’s a trust that the club and Smith has put on their shoulders.

‘One of the things that is filtered down from the very top is self-management. We are self-managing athletes and we have got a squad of players, and a squad of men, who take full responsibility for their wellbeing. That`s in terms of what they eat, what they drink, and how they sleep. How they look after themselves away from the training ground and away from the club is important. We have a group of players who have been put together for the right reasons and that can be trusted away from the training ground. We try to look after each other and ourselves, and try not to rely too much on the information from the staff although it`s there if we need it.’

Ending his interview, with the new EFL ball for this season – a new Mitre Delta – coming into play, Bentley admitted plenty of time was being spent with that in training when it came to the goalkeeping union because it’s taking a bit to get used to.

‘We have new balls this year and they have gone a little bit retro. They have jazzy little lines on them and little indents so whoever designed the balls was trying to stitch the goalkeepers up because they move even more this year. Pre-season is about getting used to the ball and seeing the ball from our point of view from shots and crosses from different angles and distances. It is all relative with the outfield players getting a touch of the ball to us getting a touch of the ball with handling. That is a big part of what we do alongside the fitness part. I pride myself on coming back into pre-season training having worked hard for two or three weeks in my off-season so I come in at a level I am comfortable with.’

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